Specialist translator for IT, technology and certificates from the Bavarian region Berchtesgadener Land

Foto Übersetzerin Susanne Buchner

Specialist translator and certified translator Susanne Buchner

Technology and languages – particularly English – are my passion and my profession. I enjoy learning new things and I am curious. It was this combination of my love for technology and languages and my character that made me a translator. I started out as a freelance translator in 2009.

Professionally I am working on:

  • Technical specialist translations
    particularly IT-related areas like data center technology, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, pure room technology and based on that plant engineering (pharma) and laser technology

My English language studies took five years, of which I spent one in Glasgow, Scotland. Those five years are the basis on which my profession as translator is built. In the last three years of my studies I specialized in technical and IT translations and certificate translations. Next to English, my working language, my classes also focussed on specialist knowledge in technology and IT and on terminology used in court and by authorities.

Professional development
I am constantly expanding my specialist knowledge and I am honing my language skills with reading specialist books, blogs and specialist magazines in English and German. Seminars and webinars are another important part and complement of my professional development.

BDÜ Members Logo

Members Logo

Member of the professional association BDÜ
I am member of the German federal association of interpreters and translators (German abbreviation: BDÜ). BDÜ is Germanys largest association of translators and interpreters and represents 75 percent of all organized professional translators and interpreters. It guarantees quality as it requires all applicants to prove their professional qualification. Read more about the BDÜ in my German blog post “Was ist der BDÜ?” or on the BDÜ website.

If you have any further questions about my qualification as specialist translator for IT and technology and as certified translator, please feel free to ask me. I am looking forward to your message!