Specialist Translation IT and Technology

Details on specialist translations IT and technology

  • IT specialist translations: IT security, IT infrastructure and network technology
  • Technical specialist translations: IT-related areas like telecommunication, data center technology, ventilation and air-conditioning technology and related to that plant engineering (pharma) and laser technology.

Interconnection of my areas of specialty
IT security, IT infrastructure, network technology and telecommunication are closely related; the same is true for the IT-related areas data center technology and ventilation and air-conditioning technology. Continuing from there, clean room technology and plant engineering (pharma) are not too far off. Only laser technology just has a small connection to IT.

Coming soon on my blog: “Why are areas of specialty so important for a professional translator?”

Technical-economical specialist translations
Specialist translations from the areas of IT and technology repeatedly contain economic terminology and concepts. For this reason, I also translate technical economical texts related to the business with customers and suppliers. This includes:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Correspondence

You benefit from my specialization
You benefit from my specialization in several ways. At first, my specialist knowledge allows me to express highly complex concepts and relations in an precise and comprehensible way in English or German. This makes your text correct in both, language and content. Your second benefit: In my areas of specialty I translate in a highly efficient way which saves you time and money.

Text types
Within my areas of specialty I translate various types of texts and documents:

  • Technical documents: Manuals, online help files, instructions, functional descriptions, software, data sheets, examination reports, etc.
  • Marketing documents: Websites, specialist articles, blog entries, image videos, press releases, newsletter, etc.

Certified translation for authorities
I also provide certified specialist translations for presentation at an authority. If you wish to use your document for a foreign authority, I also request the legalization or apostille in your name at court.

These are the most common certified translations authorities ask for:

  • Forms
  • Contracts
  • Certificates of registration
  • Security clearances
  • Examination reports
  • Certificates

If you need your certified translation for an authority in a German Federal State other than Bavaria, I am allowed to help you, too. Read the German plog post “Urkundenübersetzung deutschlandweit möglich” for further information on this topic.

Does your request fit my services?
Please read the section on specialist translation to learn which information I would need or contact me. I am looking forward to helping you!

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